• World class optics and sensor systems

    Optics and sensor system for civil or defense

  • Specialised optics for defense

    Optics and sensors for police or military

  • Worldcalss medico equipment

    Worldclass medico equipment

  • Research and development

    We assist your engineering department with challenging projects

World-class optics, sensors, and mechanical design

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of high quality lenses and PCBA products for industry, medico, defence or space

We have years of experience in creating world-class optics and sensors for a wide range of applications in the private and public sector.

We design and manufacture our specialized products for civilian, space, medico, or defense usage. We are co-developing unique technologies with clients in need of our skills, experience, and deep technical understanding of the challenges our customers may face on a case-by-case basis.

We can design and manufacture entire new products, or we can provide technology inserts in your industry or products as you may like. Regardless of what you need, we have done this many times with satisfied customers at a global level.

Currently, the ATE group consists of ATE Denmark and ATE Asia. Christian Nodskov, our CEO and CTO, started ATE Asia more than a decade ago, and he is still the brain trust of ATE, supported by more than 100 people working dedicated every day to solve the high-tech challenges of our customers.

The goal of ATE is to develop and manufacture top quality products, solving a wide range of application challenges around the globe. We have long-term relationships with many of the top 500 organizations in the world, often working behind the scenes enabling our customers to make spectacular products in full confidentiality with ATE.

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